Features Of Quality Pre School LSA -YL

Features Of Quality Pre School LSA -YL

Features Of Quality Pre School LSA -YL

1. Staff

Number of Teachers- One teacher for 20 children
Number of caregivers- One caregiver for 20 children
Adequate staff to maintain hygiene, sanitation, ensure safety, security of children in the play school

2. Building

All-weather building consisting of-
(a) arrangements for securing the school building by boundary wall
or fencing
(b) adequate circulation area and ventilation
(c) a separate rest room for children;
(d) barrier-free access;
(e) separate child-friendly and disabled-friendly toilets for boys and girls;
(f) soap, clean cloth/towel, garbage bin, wash basin/sink at low level
(g) potable, safe and adequate drinking water facility to all children;
(h) a pantry (desirable);
(i) play area;
(j) CCTV surveillance (ensure security of data)
(k) Fire safety measures
(l) Periodic pest control

3. Minimum number of instructional hours per day

3-4 hours per day as per National ECCE Policy 2013

4. Teaching Learning Aids

Shall be provided to each class in adequate number in accordance with the prescribed curriculum.

5. Library

There shall be a library in each school having reading material appropriate for early years, educational audio-visual aids.

6. Play material, games and sports equipment

Adequate amount and as per Developmental Skills

7. Health

Basic First Aid & Medicine Kit containing band-aids/ bandages, cotton wool and disinfectants for minor injuries. ORS packets, scissors, thermometer and antiseptic ointment should also be part of the medicine kit. Arrangement for quarterly health check-up of children by a registered medical practitioner

8. Records

a) enrollment forms of children
b) admission/ enrollment register for recording profile of children and their parents including detail of both parents
c) attendance register of children
d) attendance registers of all employees
e) maintenance of quarterly health check-up records of children
f) stock register
g) fee record of all children

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